Association of supervisors and consultants

Welcome to the website of the Association of supervisors and consultants!

The Association is developing professional polymodal supervision for the specialists in helping professions (psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers etc.) 

Directions of work:

  • Individual and group supervision
  • Training programme: certified supervisors
  • Standards and regulations for supervisors
  • Ethics Committee: complicated cases and complaints
  • Research and publications on supervision and psychotherapy
  • Congresses and conferences for specialists in helping professions

The Association was established in Russia in 2009 with participation of  the Russian professional league for psychotherapy. The Association members are experienced specialists recognized by the international professional community.

Head of Association: Igor Vyacheslavovich Lyakh, holder of European certificate of Psychotherapy (EAP), certified supervisor, full member and head of the Supervision committee of the Russian professional league for psychotherapy.

We are open to cooperation!

We invite you to become a member of the Association, to make conference presentations or to give webinars on supervision, to receive training and get certified in the programme “Supervisor”, to get individual supervision or counseling from the leading psychotherapists of Russia.   

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